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What is Locus.finance?

Locus is a decentralized asset management platform that provides one-click access to DeFi passive income through on-chain vaults containing carefully selected strategies. Our platform aligns with diverse narratives tailored to your preferences and goals, streamlining the entire investment process.

We take charge of the intricate DeFi landscape by handling market analysis, allowing you to enjoy the results without the complexities. Our team diligently researches market trends and manages strategy rebalancing within the vault.

With Locus, you can effortlessly dive into diverse ecosystems with a single click, eliminating the need for numerous transactions. Our goal is to simplify DeFi strategy building for retail investors, enabling them to invest in new crypto market narratives. We strive to empower investors to achieve maximum profits while managing risks effectively.

What is a vault?

A vault is a type of smart contract that collects deposits from users, creates shares (vault tokens) representing their share of the stored assets, and then distributes these invested assets across various β€œstrategies” to generate a yield on them.

A strategy refers to a yield-generating smart contract added to a vault. The strategy takes the invested assets and deploys them to a yield-generating source.

Thus, the Vault is a collection of several strategies that run automatically, each strategy performs predetermined operations, such as investing assets in a protocol and reinvesting rewards regularly.

How Is Locus Used?

When a user deposits any Locus vaults, they receive a vault token representing their position. The token's price depends on the activities of the vault strategies. Think of it as a DeFi representation of a basket of tokens.

Using Locus is simple β€” users invest in vaults, and vaults with strategies do the heavy lifting.

Why is Locus Different?

Locus provides pre-made on-chain vaults of intricate DeFi strategies that can be accessed with just one click. This eliminates the need for investors to manage multiple protocols manually.

  1. No more time-consuming. One-click start instead of dozens of transactions and fees.

  2. Transparent Yield Without the Hassle. Hand-picked and turn-key sets of compound protocols ready to start investing.

  3. Regular monitoring of key risk and return metrics. Vaults are built to ensure that they remain within a given range of profitability and safety. Index rebalancing explained.

  4. Varied risks vaults. Diverse investment opportunities with varying risk and reward levels.​ Index safety score explained

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