xUSD index

Index Overview

xUSD index is an index consisting of multiple yield-bearing stablecoin strategies. The index's purpose is to provide exposure to diverse stablecoin strategies across multiple networks. Assets in the index are stablecoins pegged to the U.S. dollar, meaning the index token price is expected to remain stable, gradually increasing as the rewards are accrued.

xUSD aims to combine top-tier stablecoins and more niche and experimental ones to provide competitive returns. Utilized stablecoins are evaluated across several factors, such as protocol design, counterparty risk, smart contract security, decentralization, etc, and are weighted accordingly.

Being built using LayerZero, the index is extremely flexible, as it allows Locus to aggregate the best risk-adjusted strategies across dozens of networks.

Index address: 0x6318938F825F57d439B3a9E25C38F04EF97987D8

Index token address: 0x95611DCBFfC93b97Baa9C65A23AAfDEc088b7f32

Notional token: USDC, Arbitrum one

Expected APY: 5-10%

Risk level: Medium Strategies allocation scoring explained

Maximum capacity: $500K

Withdrawals from xUSD index

Omnichain index with multiple networks has its drawbacks. Each cross-chain message incurs a fee, requiring the index to batch deposits and withdrawals to optimize operational costs.

Please note that currently, withdrawals from xUSD are processed in batches, with a waiting time of up to 7 days to reduce gas costs.

Withdrawal requests can not be canceled after initiating.

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