xARB index

Index Overview

xARB index is an index composed of top-tier Arbitrum-based protocols and yields farming positions. The Arbitrum ecosystem has exploded over the past year with GMX gaining lots of traction during the bear market. Since then, the network has managed to attract many talented teams to build innovative products.

Assets selected into xARB are GMX, GNS, JOE. All of these tokens belong to projects forming the “real yield” narrative in DeFi. Holding and staking each of these tokens makes users eligible for a share of the protocol revenue. GMX and GNS have pioneered a new approach to attract DEX liquidity and trading volumes and Trader Joe is innovating concentrated liquidity provision with the release of their V2 pools and liquidity bins. Each of the projects contributes to the development of DeFi-native financial instruments.

Locus closely monitors the developments in the Arbitrum ecosystem to ensure that index strategies are relevant and functional. The list of strategies can be updated depending on the market conditions.

Index address: 0xF8F045583580C4Ba954CD911a8b161FafD89A9EF

Notional token: USDC, Arbitrum one

Expected APY: 5-10%

Risk level: Medium Strategies allocation scoring explained

Maximum capacity: $500K

Despite a positive index APY, the volatility of strategies' underlying assets can lead to negative performance

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