xDEFI index

Index Overview

xDEFI index is a yield-bearing index consisting of major DeFi protocol tokens on Ethereum and LP positions. The index aims to provide easy access to DeFi assets and yield farming opportunities. User assets are converted into FXS, CVX and ETH and are deposited into LP positions in respective protocols.

Tokens selected into the xDEFI index belong to the largest Ethereum DeFi protocols with sound use cases, active user bases, and well-designed tokenomics poised for long-term growth and sustainability.

The Locus team monitors the underlying protocols and assets and remains competitive by adjusting or changing index strategies if necessary. The end goal is to have a product with consistently high returns and relevant market exposure.

Index address: 0xB0a66dD3B92293E5DC946B47922C6Ca9De464649

Notional token: USDC, ETH Mainnet

Expected APY: 15-20%

Risk level: Low Strategies allocation scoring explained

Maximum capacity: $800k

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