Pendle Index


Deposits to the Pendle Index can be made on the locus website via the swing widget or on the website.

Pendle Index Overview

Pendle Index is a managed basket of ETH-denominated LP positions on Pendle, leveraging the power of ETH liquid restaking protocols. Pendle LP tokens are staked via Penpie in order to receive vePENDLE APY boost. The index earns PENDLE, PNP and ARB incentives and accrues Eigenlayer and liquid restaking protocol points.

Pendle Finance is a protocol allowing users to trade future yields for DeFi products. The protocol gained traction after the launch of tokenized Ethereum restaking protocol point farming strategies, in which users are able to leverage the accrual of points to maximize future airdrops. In return, more risk-averse liquidity providers receive above-market ETH yields.

Pendle is at the forefront of adoption of ETH restaking, which is powered by Eigenlayer and is one of the most important Ethereum innovations of recent years. Both Eigenlayer and Pendle have witnessed surges in popularity, with Eigenlayer TVL skyrocketing to $12B in less than a year and Pendle TVL increasing to $2B (a tenfold increase since January 2024).

The protocol has an impeccable track record of security, having been operating for almost three years with no security incidents. Pendle is audited by top-tier auditing firms, such as Dedaub, Ackee and Watchpug, as well as by multiple independent auditors, including top contributors for a bug bounty platform called Code4rena.

Index address: 0x515f3533a17E2EEFB13313D9248f328C94dBe641

Index token address: 0xA31eC4C877C65bEa5C5d4c307473624A0B377090

Notional token: WETH Arbitrum

Expected APY: 20%

Risk level: Strategies allocation scoring explained

Maximum capacity: $800k

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