How to add a Locus token to your personal wallet

*Before proceeding, make sure that your wallet is switched to the Arbitrum network, read more about this here:

How to add a custom token Metamask

  • Download the metamask wallet

  • Click on 'Import tokens', located at the bottom of the 'Tokens' tab on your wallet homepage.

  • Switch to the 'Custom token' tab at the top, and then enter the Locus token address 0xe1d3495717f9534Db67A6A8d4940Dd17435b6A9E in the first field.

  • Click "Next" and then "Import".

After that, you will see that Locus tokens have been added to your metamask portfolio.

How to add a custom token Trust wallet

if you use a Trust wallet, then use this instruction to add a Locus token, the steps are almost the same except for the interface:

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