An audit is either an internal or independent comprehensive review of a concept, system, process, company, or product. A comprehensive audit includes a thoughtful and in-depth look at the structure, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities of the thing or process being audited.

Locus Audits

May 2024 - Locus Pendle Index Smart Contracts audit by SmartState

July 2023 - Locus Smart Contracts audit by Pessimistic

November 2023 - Tokenomics and LOCUS token audit by SmartState

Locus Yield ETH underlying protocols audits

Aura finance audits

Across audits

Convex audits

Origin audits

Rocketpool audits

DeFi Core Index underlying protocols audits

Yearn audits

Convex audits

Frax audits

Curve audits

Arbitrum Yield Index underlying protocols audits

Trader Joe audits

GNS staking audits

GMX audits

Locus Yield USD underlying protocols audits

Hop audits

Beefy audits

Compound audits

Convex audits

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