Detailed PnL explained

PnL stands for profit and loss and represents the difference between the entry price and the current value of the vault. The detailed PnL also provides a breakdown of the value of underlying asserts and APY earned.

The detailed PnL consists of 2 blocks:

  • Vault harvested

  • Strategies volatility

What is Strategy volatility?

A vault is a type of smart contract that collects deposits from users and then distributes these invested assets across various “strategies” to generate a yield on them.

All strategies have tokens inside, what tokens the strategy utilizes is explained in the description of the vault.

Strategy volatility block shows the amount of underlying tokens your vault balance currently contains.

These tokens that strategies use are the main reason for the volatility of the vault — if the strategy tokens increase in value, the total value of your vault tokens will increase, and vice versa.

What is Vault harvested?

Vault harvested are the rewards earned by the vault strategies. This is a representation of the rewards that have been earned by the strategies throughout your investment. They are automatically reinvested and thus increase the price of the vault token.

The rewards collected by vault cannot be manually withdrawn/harvested, they are automatically reinvested and this PnL block only serves to display the details of APY earned.

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