How to deposit and withdraw through smart contracts

How to withdrawal

  1. Define the vault from which you want to withdraw. At the moment we have 2 vaults on the Ethereum network and one on the Arbitrum network.

  1. Click on the Vault Address –– this link will take you to the blockchain browser where you can directly interact with the contract.

  1. To get your amount of Vault token in a requirment format go to the Contract section. Then in the Read Contract section, Method 16. Enter your wallet address and you will receive your total amount of current vault tokens.

  1. Connect your wallet, and sign a transaction in Metamask.

  1. After that go to the Contract section. Then in the Write Contract section. This section contains functions that modify the contract state.

  1. We have several withdrawal methods. Simplest one - 27. You only need to enter the amount of Vault tokens you'd like to withdraw. Please note that it isn't dollars, but the specific format you copied from balanceOf method.

  2. Enter the number of Vault's tokens in this format you'd like to withdraw click Write, and confirm the transaction in a metamask.

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