1. Go to the official Locus website at and choose the vault where you want to deposit your funds. Click on the vault to proceed.

  1. Press β€œDeposit” and enter the number of tokens you want to invest in the vault. If you're using ETH, make sure to keep enough ETH for future transactions.

  1. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction. This will take about 1–2 minutes.

  1. When your transaction succeeds, you will see your deposited balance in the vault's interface.

Locus usage from specific regions

We're sorry, but access to our partner widget from is limited to users from US/Canada/OFAC-listed countries and regions

We have an alternative option for you – our deposit provider partner

Please note that does not carry out cross-chain swaps, only single-chain swaps.

Deposit into vaults

Locus Yield ETH (xETH). Deposit from tokens on Ethereum

DeFi Core Index (xDEFI). Deposit from tokens on Ethereum

Arbitrum Yield Index (xARB). Deposit from tokens on Arbitrum

Locus Yield USD (xUSD). Deposit from tokens on Arbitrum

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