Locus Index technologies

From the technological point of view, Locus indexes use one of the most fundamental and audited technologies on the market and tunes it for the possibility of creating indexes. Our goal was always to iterate on the battle-proven DeFi smart-contracts.

This is the list of technologies we use:

Yearn is a decentralized suite of products helping individuals, DAOs, and other protocols earn yield on their digital assets.

Yearn-based indexes help us to store and calculate user shares and revenues. It is battle-tested in numerous projects across the industry.

At the time of writing, the Yearn vaults were audited 47 times in two years with four audits of V3.

It is a cross-chain messaging protocol. LayerZero is very gas-efficient and open to the community. We are choosing this protocol also because we are using the Stargate bridge as a layer above LayerZero.

Stargate is a community-driven organization building a fully composable native asset bridge, and the first dApp built on LayerZero.

Stargate being a cross-chain bridge is essential to the Locus xUSD omnichain index. Stargate is based on LayerZero technology which is well-known to the community.

Diamond proxy (ERC-2535) standardizes diamonds, which are modular smart contract systems that can be upgraded/extended after deployment and have virtually no size limit. More technically, a diamond is a contract with external functions that are supplied by contracts called facets. Facets are separate, independent contracts that can share internal functions, libraries, and state variables.

The diamond proxy allows splitting Locus contracts into small pieces of code which is easier to maintain and update.

Openzeppelin Contracts upgradeable

OpenZeppelin provides a complete suite of security products to adopt security best practices from the first line of code all the way to running your decentralized application on-chain.

We are using upgradeable contracts technology (UUPS) in order to establish the rules and processes for making upgrades to the contracts, like adding new strategies. This technology allows them to apply for roles within the management of contract security. The ownership of contracts is now always in the hands of multisig.

Locus Audits

Locus has also been audited, see the page dedicated to locus audits Audits.

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