LOCUS Presale participation guide

Follow these instructions to purchase LOCUS tokens during the presale event.

Network and Locus token address

The locus token operates on the Arbitrum network, the address of the token is - 0xe1d3495717f9534Db67A6A8d4940Dd17435b6A9E

Where to buy a Locus token?

The Locus token presale will be held on Uniswap and platforms. The purchase on Uniswap will be available only on the Arbitrum network, on the Rubic platform you can use tokens on almost any network for an additional fee.

If you have funds on the Arbitrum network, it would be better to use Uniswap to avoid additional costs for cross-chain swap, if your funds are on other networks, then you may want to use Rubic because they support Cross-chain swaps from many networks including Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, Optimism and many other networks. A full list of supported networks can be found on their website.

How do I add an Arbitrum network to my wallet?

If you need additional instructions on how to use the Arbitrum network, follow the instructions at the link.

How to buy a Locus token on Uniswap?

  • Go to the Uniswap official website and connect your wallet from which you are going to make a purchase. A detailed wallet connection guide is here.

  • Select the token you want to sell in the "You pay" box.

  • In the "You receive" box, enter the address of the Locus token - 0xe1d3495717f9534Db67A6A8d4940Dd17435b6A9E

  • You will see a warning, this is normal since the token has just appeared, Uniswap warns all customers when swapping new tokens.

  • Then click on the swap button and confirm the transaction.

  • In order for Locus tokens to be displayed in your wallet like Metamask or Trust, they need to be added manually following the instructions

How to buy a Locus token on

  • Visit and connect your wallet. Rubic is a cross-chain decentralized exchange aggregator which will help you swap into LOCUS from any token on any of the supported networks. Note that you might have to pay additional bridging and swap fees if your trading route is complex.

  • Press “select token” which you want to use for purchase and then when you choose the token you want to buy, select the Arbitrum network and enter the address of the token Locus there: 0xe1d3495717f9534Db67A6A8d4940Dd17435b6A9E

  • Press “Import LOCUS”

  • Once selected, specify the amount you want to purchase and set slippage by clicking the filter icon. As the token can be volatile initially, we recommend setting slippage to 5-10%.

  • After that, press the swap button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

How to buy Locus token on Jumper?


  • Increasing slippage past 10% may result in significant losses, so we generally advise against that. Only proceed with higher slippage if you are experienced and know what you’re doing, otherwise, we advise you to wait a few minutes and try again with lower slippage.

  • If you have assets on the Arbitrum network, you can use instead of Rubic. The flow on Uniswap is similar and you might save some money on fees.

  • To display tokens in your wallet you will need to import the locus token following this guide:

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