xETH vault

Vault Overview

xETH vault is a vault with leading Ethereum yield strategies. xETH provides users with a diversified basket of DeFi ETH yields, aiming to offer the best risk-adjusted returns.

Underlying strategies aim to cover a wide variety of yield sources that DeFi has to offer. Currently, these strategies involve liquidity provision to DEXes and utilize ETH liquid staking derivatives where possible to achieve optimal returns.

The Locus team monitors the market and will be making adjustments to vault strategies to keep the vault relevant.

Vault address: 0x0CD5cda0E120F7E22516f074284e5416949882C2

Notional token: WETH, ETH Mainnet

Expected APY: 5-10% (estimated yield farming rewards, excluding ETH performance)

Risk level: Low Strategies allocation scoring explained

Maximum capacity: ~ 750 ETH

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